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Do you speak French? Canada wants you.

Canada is looking for more francophone immigrants to settle in provinces other than Quebec.

Yes, it’s official. Despite the increase in the annual number of francophone immigrants outside Quebec from 850 in 2003 to 2,400 in 2017, Canada wants more.

The federal government is working its way to have among all immigrants 4.4% of francophones settling in provinces other than Quebec by 2023. By provinces and territories, the goals are: 5% in Ontario, 33% in New Brunswick, 5% increase in the Northwest Territories, 7% in Manitoba and 5% increase in Newfoundland and Labrador.

According to the Government of Canada website, “French-speaking immigrants contribute to the strength and prosperity of our country, while adding to Canada’s rich cultural and linguistic diversity. Francophone immigration plays a role in maintaining the vitality of Francophone and Acadian communities across Canada but it also helps address labour market needs and helps sustain Canada as a bilingual country. However, as the decline of the proportion of the Canadian population (outside of Quebec) using French as their first official language continues, despite our current efforts and accomplishments, more work is needed. Therefore, there is a need for increased efforts to attract, select, integrate, and retain French-speaking immigrants. This calls for a sustained, multi-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional response that builds on actions taken to date and identifies new ways of collaborating to develop and implement new solutions.”

A report on Canada Immigration News emphasizes that it’s a team effort! This is how the Government of Canada plans to bring more francophone immigrants to the country. Federal, provincial and territorial governments established and published in 2018 a new action plan to improve the promotion, selection, settlement, integration, and retention of French-speaking immigrants to Francophone Minority Communities, using tools and approaches that are suitable to each community. This recognizes the diversity of communities across Canada – ranging from large urban centres to small rural communities.

Follow the link and read more about this initiative called “Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) Action Plan for Increasing Francophone Immigration Outside of Quebec.

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