Does your CV express who you are?


If you have already identified which career path you want to follow if you already know what you want to do and have studied the job market, it is time to prepare a good CV. The term comes from the Latin: curriculum vitae and means “course of one’s life”. Did you notice any resemblance to the concept of a professional career? The curriculum vitae, also known as CV, is a document that displays, in a summarized manner, the entire professional and/or student life trajectory of a candidate in the job market.

But what if I have never had a job! How can I prepare my CV? If you are trying to land your first job, chances are you do not have much experience to put on the CV or resumé, but that does not mean you have nothing to write about.

You will include your educational background: 1 – which school you attended elementary education, including the year of completion of this stage; 2 – in which school you studied secondary education and the respective completion date; 3 – if you are studying, or have already attended college, enter this information in the same way you did with the previous levels. Of course, if you are currently attending college, it will not be possible to enter the date of completion. Therefore, just state the semester that you are in. You can also include when you expect to graduate.

An important piece of information which is highly appreciated by recruiters is some volunteering experience. The world is full of volunteering opportunities, and there is no excuse for not doing something that makes a difference in other people’s lives. You don’t have the time? There are activities that only require one hour per week – and this, between you and me, can make all the difference in obtaining the position being sought.

If your parents own a business or have a friend who is a business owner, try working with them. Understand what a company is, and how it works. Learn as much as you can about as much as you can, even if you receive no pay or only receive a low wage. Remember: money is not the most important item when you are building your professional life trajectory, your curriculum vitae.

Another way of gaining the experience that the job market requires is to do an internship while you’re studying. An internship is a very valuable step (if it is well used, of course!). The intern must focus on what he does and be curious and eager to learn more about what is required to reach the position he wants later on.

What about formatting a CV. How should I compose it? There are several models available on the internet, and you can choose yours. The important thing is that it should start with your personal data – name, address, telephone, email. Next, you must write down your objective, which position you wish to occupy, and talk a little – very little, really – about your personal characteristics, such as: works well as part of a team, ability to concentrate, etc. But make sure that all the information included in the CV is absolutely true!

Next, you will add your professional experience, academic education and training and other courses you have completed such as computer science, English, design and others.
You have taken the first step – and every great journey begins with one. Good luck in your life!

Nara Maria Müller is an administrator – CRA 18245 and Organizational Consultant – Master and Executive Coach at UNLOCK TRAINING. Coordinator of the CRA-RS Education Chamber (2017-19)