Wave 108 – Interview with Renata Vaz – Personal trainer with classes beyond borders

Renata Vaz is passionate about what she does and is taking gymnastics beyond borders. If you want to work out with enthusiasm and be guided by an experienced professional, be sure to join a trial class with Renata Vaz. Follow her on social media and embark on this journey of transformation. Instagram @personal.renatavaz

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Renata Vaz, from Campanha, in the south of Minas Gerais, is winning over students not only in Brazil, but also abroad, including Canada, where she has been very well received with her virtual classes. With a contagious passion for what she does, Renata tells us a little about her journey and her innovative teaching method.

Renata Vaz, Brazilian personal trainer offers classes beyond borders

Wave: Wave: Hello, Renata! It’s a pleasure to have you here talking to us. To begin with, could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with gymnastics?

Renata Vaz: Hello! The pleasure is all mine. Well, my name is Renata Vaz and I am a gym teacher and personal trainer who is passionate about what I do. My journey in this area started a few years ago, and since then, my love for fitness has only grown. Gymnastics has always given me a unique sense of well-being and energy, and I knew I wanted to share that with as many people as possible.

Wave: It’s inspiring to see your dedication! How did you manage to expand your classes beyond the borders of Brazil?

Renata Vaz: The idea of taking my classes beyond Brazil came about with the help of technology. I realized that, through platforms like Zap (Whatsapp) and Zoom, I could reach people in different countries and offer them a unique and motivating gym experience, just like I do here in Brazil. This has allowed me to connect with students in Canada and other parts of the world, which has been both exciting and rewarding.

Interviewer: It’s really amazing how technology can bring people together. And how do you organize your classes to accommodate students at different times and locations?

Renata Vaz: Flexibility is essential in our busy day-to-day lives. Therefore, I adapted my schedule to allow my students to set up their own class schedules, according to their daily routines. I offer classes every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate, no matter where they are or what time zone they are in.

Wave: Your students certainly appreciate that freedom. And how do your virtual classes work? What are the materials you use?

Renata Vaz: My virtual classes are dynamic and interactive. As I said, I use platforms like Zap and Zoom to teach group classes, where I spend the whole time giving exercises, correcting postures and motivating my students to do their best. As for the materials, I try to use materials that people have at home, such as chairs, brooms, etc., providing a creative gym experience. Gradually, I introduce additional equipment such as elastic bands, Jumps, Steps, dumbbells and shin guards, which are essential to achieve wonderful results.

Wave: Definitely a creative approach to keeping classes exciting! Finally, what would you say to those who are interested in taking a trial class with you?

Renata Vaz: I invite everyone to participate in an experimental class with me, at no cost, now in August 2023! It will be a great pleasure to share my passion for gymnastics and guide you on a journey of health and wellness. My approach is caring and encouraging, and I’m sure everyone will leave my classes feeling refreshed and inspired to lead a healthier life. Come join me on this journey of transformation and experience the power of gymnastics!

Wave: Thank you so much, Renata, for sharing your story and motivation with us. We wish you much success on your continued journey of inspiring and transforming lives through fitness!

Renata Vaz: Thank you for the opportunity! I hope we can inspire more and more people to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. Thank you all!

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