Hamilton – Chefs and Cooks. Federal Skilled Trades Program 2018


The Brazilian population in Hamilton, Ontario has increased significantly in the past decade. Hamilton is the city of choice for new immigrants, investors and foreign students, due to affordable living, quality of life, cheaper education, excellent public transit, cheap flights and proximity to Toronto, Niagara Falls, and the US border. As the profession of Chefs and Cooks are classified under the Federal Skilled Program, Liaison College in Hamilton is the culinary arts private college of choice. It has been turning dreams into reality for over sixteen years. It was founded on a simple idea: that great cooking and culinary arts education must be complete, practical, and rewarding, and give its graduates the best possible foundation for a career in the food service industry. They are the largest trainer of chefs and cooks in Ontario and are very proud of their excellent placement rate for graduates. Their caring and professional faculty provide up-to-date training that inspires students to strive for success. Their courses are designed with the guidance of some of Canada’s top chefs and are reviewed annually to ensure they provide up-to-date training for chefs and cooks.

Liaison College focuses solely and exclusively on training in the culinary arts, with over 10,000 graduates since it opened its first campus in 1996. What separates them from other cooking schools is the intangible difference based on their belief that education can be intelligent and inspired, that while it can be challenging it can also be fun; and that they need to be sustainable and socially responsible. They believe in passion and hard work and that dreams can come true.

Classic French methods of food preparation are taught. Students receive focused, hands-on training that prepares them for entry into the field with practical job-ready skills that employers are looking for. For more information regarding diploma programs, please visit their website: https://www.liaisonhamilton.ca

Chef Careers
A restauranteur, however, is only one of the possible careers that a Liaison College graduate can pursue. Here are some other exciting and challenging positions that their grads hold:

• Chain and independent restaurants
• Institutional kitchens such as schools, nursing homes, jails
• Private clubs
• Seasonal establishments such as golf or skiing
• Catering
• Personal chef
• Food styling
• Test Kitchens
• Kids cooking camps
• Private chefs
• Craft kitchens for movie and TV sets
• Food manufacturing
• Food demonstrators
• Cooking schools such as LCBO and Loblaws
• Butcher shops
• Pastry shops
• Baking facilities
• Hotels
• Cruise ships
• Private charter boats
• Hunting and fishing camps
• Northern mining and logging camps
• Wineries
• Self employed – start a business

Bon Appétit!