My Canada #1: Marta Almeida

Brazilian Wave wants to know your Canada through your experiences and opinions. In the first edition, get to know Canada by Marta Almeida.

Marta Almeida, Mississauga.

Where you are from? Ipatinga – Minas Gerais (surpriiiise !!!)

What city do you live in Canada? Mississauga Ontario

How long in Canada? I spent two years here between 1999 and 2001 and definitely returned in 2013.

What is your professional area in Canadá? Journalist/Graphic Designer/Management and Marketing

Why Canada?

Many people from Minas Gerais chose Canada in the late 1980s. Two sisters came first, then my mother, and two more sisters. Then I came just to explore the country and to stay with my family. The final decision – the best of my life – was mainly for my daughters to have the opportunity to grow up in a country that is not perfect, but almost gets there.

Something you like about Canada

The organization, cleanliness, education of people and facilities to solve many things.

Something you don’t like about Canada

In fact what really bothers me is seeing people here complaining about the country, when thousands around the world want to have the opportunity to live here.

A place you would like to visit in Canada

All! Only time and money are missing.

A favorite place in Canada

Quebec is simply beautiful!

What advice or suggestion would you give to anyone who would like to come here?

This is the country of patience! If you come in a hurry for things to happen it will be complicated, but step by step it is possible to achieve your goals.

A photo in Canada that you like

Any photo with autumn colors.

Foto: Marta Almeida

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