My Canada #6 – Dolores Gontijo

Brazilian Wave wants to know your Canada through its experiences and opinions. Discover Canada by Dolores Gontijo. She is a writer, cultural producer, Wave collaborator and member of the Ontario Citizenship Council.

Dolores Gontijo

Where you are from? Bom Despacho, State of Minas Gerais
What city do you live in Canada? Burlington, Ontario
How long in Canada? I’ve been 18 years.
What do you do in Canada? I currently participate in the Ontario Citizenship Council

Why Canada?

Canada was not exactly a choice, but a fluke. I ended up liking it and stayed.

Something you like about Canada

The Canadian way of life.

Something you don’t like about Canada

I still don’t know what I don’t like, I love this country and the facilities here.

A place you would like to visit in Canada

I haven’t visited, but I will definitely go to the rocky mountains.

A favorite place in Canada


What advice would you give to anyone who wants to come here?

Visit Canada before and draw your conclusions, not everyone adapts.

A photo in Canada that you love

This photo is from Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario

Photo: personal archives

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