MP Julie Dzerowicz receives one of the most important official distinctions of Brazil


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The Federative Republic of Brazil has awarded Julie Dzerowicz, Member of Parliament for Davenport, with the Order of Rio Branco in the rank of Grand Officer.

Ambassador Denis de Souza Pinto and MP Julie Dzerowicz in Ottawa, Canada

The Order of Rio Branco is one of the most important official distinctions in Brazil. Its objective is to acknowledge exceptional services and merits of nationals and foreigners regarding Brazil and its people. The order is named after Baron of Rio Branco, the patron of Brazilian diplomacy and its most prominent historical figure. The distinction is granted to a limited number of people following the approval by a ministerial council, chaired by the Head of State.

The commendation is a token of the Brazilian recognition to MP Julie’s contributions in strengthening the bilateral relations between Canada and Brazil, especially as the Chair of the Canada-Brazil Friendship Group in Parliament and as an active supporter of the Brazilian community in Canada.

The ceremony to decorate MP Julie with the Rio Branco Medal took place at the Brazilian Ambassador Denis de Souza Pinto’s residence in Ottawa, on June 18, 2018.

Regina Filipov, co-founder, and co-publisher of Brazilian Wave was present at the ceremony in Ottawa.

Ambassador Denis de Souza Pinto, MP Julie Dzerowicz, and Regina Filipov