Digital nomad: a new concept of remote work

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As home buying becomes more difficult and remote working simpler, should we remain wedded to the idea of settling in one place?

Traveling is a common desire among many people. Some take this hobby so seriously that they have turned travel into a profession. And we’re not talking about tour guides. The subject here is about a new professional: the so-called digital nomad.

The number of digital nomads has increased in several countries around the world

The digital nomad is the professional who uses technology to work remotely, in the famous home-office style. That is, these people do not need to work their hours at a fixed place of work: technological resources allow tasks to be carried out anywhere in the world, as long as there is a good internet connection.

Thanks to the pandemic, more people are choosing to adopt this lifestyle. The number of digital nomads has increased in many countries around the world. Globally, the rise of a large new group of itinerant remote workers is one of the prevailing narratives about a world of work reshaped by Covid-19.

Canada does not offer a digital nomad visa

Canada still does not offer a specific digital nomad work visa, as many other countries did during the pandemic to attract remote workers. However, working online while living in Canada is possible due to open work permits, the working holiday program and business visas.

The life of a digital nomad in Canada differs by province. However, the digital worker community is thriving significantly in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. There are many ways to network in these and other Canadian cities, whether through shared work spaces or digital nomad gatherings. However, it is normal for these virtual workers to flee Canada during the winter in search of warmer destinations.