Opera to Fado, October 23, at the Zoetic Theater in Hamilton

Gary Santucci (guitar) and Pamela Blackwood Marques (vocals) present a night of culture, comedy and courage! Opera with a touch of Fado, and Fado with an operatic touch!

Interview with the singer Pamela Blackwood Marques – Listen to the audio.

Rosemary Baptista talks with the singer Pamela Blackwood Marques (Wednesday; October 13th, 2021)

The Zoetic Theather

Zoetic Company is a group of creative professionals who love the world of film, theatre, dance, music and media. They seek to share the best of everything, in an engaging and dynamic way … and simply fun!

And it’s on the Zoetic Theater website, that we find its best description:

“Being “Zoetic” means being alive – embracing the love in your heart that makes you relive. That’s what life is all about, and especially creativity. Sounds tacky? Well, isn’t it. It’s pure “zoetry.”

The Zoetic Theather is considered the Historic Theatre of Hamilton. Located near Hamilton Mountain in the Concession Street area, this nearly 100-year-old theatre is vintage in style and offers cutting-edge entertainment – exceptional talent and shows in a beautiful social setting!

As its next show, the Zoetic Theater will present the Ópeda do Fado, on October 23, 2021, with Gary Santucci and Pamela Blackwood. Pure harmony of guitar (Gary) and voice (Pamela).

Location: Zoetic Theater
Address: 526 Concession St., Hamilton
Telephone: 905-902-5683
Date: Saturday – October 23, 2021 at 8pm
Tickets: $30
Online ticket available at: https://thezoetic.ticketleap.com/opera-to-fado/

Gary Santucci et Pamela Blackwookd Marques

Gary Santucci e Pamela Blackwood Marques apresentam uma noite de cultura, comédia e coragem! Ópera com um toque de Fado e Fado com um toque operístico! Alguns favoritos, como:

  • O Mio Babbino Caro; La Habanera;
  • Sodade; Me beije muito;
  • Jeux Interdits; Voi Che Sapete
Gary Santucci and Pamela Blackwood playing Jeu Interdits
Gary Santucci and Pamela Blackwood playing Bizet Carmen Habanera
Gary Santucci and Pamela Blackwood playing O Paraíso