The Inner World. Empathy and self-knowledge to grow healthy

Yoga classes for children and adults. The Inner World Project. (Photo by: André Marins)

For some time now, anxiety, insomnia, lack or excess of appetite and relationship and concentration difficulties have been part of the conversations about children. Studied all over the planet, the answers to the harms of a hectic life full of stimuli, lights, and screens, such as playing outdoors, breathing deeply, moving the body, understanding and helping a friend, or sitting in silence, begin to emerge.

In the rush of everyday life, there is no time to observe oneself, to transform difficulties in growth, to calm the mind and allow a complete rest for the body.

Thinking about it, several schools and places on all continents have been putting Yoga in the routine of the little ones. The traditional Indian philosophy adapted to the infinite possibilities of the children’s universe shows that the search for balance can and must begin in childhood, and play – free of competition – is a stimulus to emotional and physical evolution.

Yoga practice for children. The Inner World Project. (Photo by: André Marins)

In Toronto, the Inner World project also offers classes in Portuguese. They mix body and reflective dynamics, postures that imitate animals and nature, games that encourage respect and tolerance, meditations adapted for each age and stories that bring reflection and the exercise of emotional intelligence. In addition, they create a cozy environment for immigrant children – or daughters of – who want to feel closer to the language.

Living well with yourself and with others, attentive to feelings and emotions, with the certainty that the effort in search of self-knowledge will bring the fruits of positive communication, body awareness and inner peace, are long-term benefits that we leave for children.

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