Raul Papaleo. President of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC)

Strengthening commercial ties between Brazil and Canada

By Nádia Nogueira | Translated by Loretta Murphy

Wave + interviewed Raul Papaleo, President of the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC).  He carries out the task of promoting trade relations between Brazil and Canada.

What is the objective of the Brazil – Canada Chamber of Commerce?
Raul Papaleo – The Chamber’s main objective is to promote bilateral trading between the two countries, that is, the commercial business between the two countries, and also to promote Canadian investments in Brazil and Brazilian investments in Canada.

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Currently, how is the relationship between Canada and Brazil?
Raul Papaleo – The relationship is growing, although we have natural problems pertaining to matters related to regulations, both on the tax side as well as legal aspects. We consider one of the major difficulties in commercial business to be information. Brazilians know little about Canada and Canadians know little about Brazil, so we have sought to provide more information. Because with information, people can think about business.

What are the advantages for a Brazilian company to invest in Canada, and vice versa?
Raul Papaleo – A Brazilian company investing in Canada will be able, depending on the area, to create a new market in a very interesting manner, because the Canadian market is a buyer’s market. So, depending on the type of product in the sector, investment can be very lucrative.

Raul Papaleo

Brazil today has a growing and stable consumer market, which is one of the largest in the world. Brazil is on track to become the fifth largest consumer market in the world. This obviously presents Canadians with an opportunity to expand their sales and market in a way that would not be possible in Canada, with its small population.

Who can become a member of the Chamber, and what are the benefits of becoming a member?
Raul Papaleo – Any company can become a member. Depending on the type of membership that it chooses, it can participate in different ways. For example, full members have access to the board of the Chamber and greater access to information.  Members considered “at-large” would then come next, as well as an additional category for individuals including student members.

Nádia Nogueira graduated in journalism in the city of São Paulo. She moved to Toronto in 2008, the year she began collaborating with Wave Magazine. She was co-producer and presenter for two years on the radio program Fala Brasil. Her e- mail is [email protected].