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The most beautiful beaches, outlined by the greatest costal garden of the planet (its 7 kilometre span is registered in the Guinness Book of World of Records), the most important port in Latin America, the natural beauty of the Atlantic forest, the architectural and artistic diversity of the historic downtown and the Santos soccer team of Pelé are only the departure points to discovering the marvels of one of the oldest cities in Brazil.

By Paula Mazulquim

In 1532, the founder of Santos arrived from Portugal – Brás Cubas. He could not imagine, at that time, that the same city where he had just arrived and which, in the 19th century received many immigrants (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Syrian-Lebanese and Asian), would one day become the number one port in the world for coffee export. Later, it would also become an important profit generator in particular through soya, sugar and orange juice exports.

Surrounded by the Serra do Mar (a term for Brazil’s costal mountain ranges), Santos is located on the cost of São Paulo state, 68 kilometres away from the capital. This city, with a population of 418,375 inhabitants and an average annual temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, has a natural appeal for tourism and inspired exceptional and notorious deeds. From Santos: the first Miss Brazil (the first beauty contest hosted in Santos in 1930 later became the Miss Brazil pageant); the first Brazilian shopping mall, the Super Commercial Center of Boqueirão with 205 shops, which was launched in 1963; in addition to the discovery of Pelé (of course) – the King of Soccer.

What else? Are you looking for natural beauty, eco tourism and beaches? Historical tours, architecture and cultural events? To intimately discover the history of one of the world’s greatest sport prodigies? Yes, Santos offers it all. Prepare yourself to discover the many facets of a city that has not stopped surprising for more than four hundred years.

Mount Serrat

The best view of the town.

On board a funicular (a cable car on rails) from the 20’s, the visitors reach 147 meters above sea level. On the top, there is a church and a large casino.

The soccer collection of Vila Belmiro

Strolling through this neighbourhood is a must for those who love soccer. There you can find the most famous soccer collection in the world. There are bilingual guides. You should not miss Pelé’s section (with pieces from the King of Soccer’s personal collection).

Museu do Mar (Sea Museum)

In colonial style, the building hosts an exhibition explaining the evolution of sea life.

Coffee Exchange

This remarkable building was constructed in the early 20th century acting as a museum and also documenting the history of coffee in Brazil.

The golden days

With the expansion of the streetcar network system for the historical downtown tour of Santos from 1.7 to 5 kilometres – its opening is scheduled for October of this year –tourists will be able to enjoy even more the city’s historical heritage.