Wave 108 – An evening with Bebel Gilberto. September 6-7, Ottawa and Montreal

MRG Live is excited to present an evening with Bebel Gilberto, live at two beautiful venues next month; Ottawa’s Algonquin Commons Theatre on Wednesday, September 6th and Montreal’s Rialto Theatre on Thursday, September 7th!

Ottawa’s Algonquin Commons Theatre, on Wednesday, September 6th
Montreal’s Rialto Theatre on Thursday, September 7th


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Bebel Gilberto needs no introduction. Daughter of João Gilberto, the father of bossa nova who gave us The Girl From Ipanema, and daughter of singer Miúcha, Chico Buarque’s sister, it’s safe to say she was immersed in music at an early age.

The four-time Grammy nominee will release her most heartfelt and personal album yet this August, entitled João. With her new project she devotes herself fully, for the first time, to the tunes popularized by her father, the unforgettable João Gilberto. Song choices include classics such as Ela é Carioca and Desafinado, to unexpected choices such as the Waltz Bebel (Como São Lindos os Yogues), one of the rare compositions written by Joao Gilberto that was created for his daughter.

João is an essential album for admirers of one of the greatest musical dynasties in Brazilian music. The recordings are neither versions nor reinterpretations, but declarations of love made in Bebel’s unmistakable style , a style that according to The New York Times “exudes a self-possession, unaffected elegance and comfortable sensuality that is almost impossible to find among American pop stars of the same age.”

MRG Live is excited to welcome back world-renowned Bossa Nova superstar Bebel Gilberto to Ottawa and Montreal! Don’t miss out, tickets are on sale now!

“João”: a reflection of his own musical identity

Google translation of the original text in Portuguese (without editing)

Born Isabel Gilberto de Oliveira on May 12, 1966, in New York City, Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of Brazilian musical icon João Gilberto and singer Miúcha (sister of Chico Buarque). With such a rich musical lineage, it’s no surprise that Bebel Gilberto brings together so many artistic qualities. Raised among the vibrant music scenes of both Brazil and the United States, Bebel was exposed not just to bossa nova, but to a wide range of sounds that shaped her unique musical style.

Bossa nova, a genre that emerged in Brazil in the late 1950s, is characterized by its smooth rhythms and poetic lyrics. It was popularized by Bebel’s father, João Gilberto, often called the “father of bossa nova”. Bebel Gilberto impeccably carried this musical legacy forward, incorporating his own nuances. His music pays homage to the traditional bossa nova genre, but with contemporary pop and electronic spice.

Bebel Gilberto’s most recent album, “João”, is a testament to his versatility. It has a deep meaning for her, as it not only pays homage to her father, but also exposes the reflection of her own musical identity. “João” is a collection of songs that mixes the classic and the contemporary, interweaving sincere lyrics with sophisticated melodies. Bebel Gilberto’s sensual voice takes listeners on a musical journey, exploring themes such as love, longing and self-discovery.

Montreal and Ottawa audiences will have an unforgettable experience that transcends cultural boundaries, as Bebel’s music directly touches the listeners’ hearts. With her ethereal voice, skillful instrumentation and undeniable stage presence, the artist will transport the audience to the vibrant streets and enchanting tropical beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. Her music speaks to both loyal bossa nova fans and new listeners who are drawn to her timeless interpretations.