Wave 106 – It’s Spring time! Read in this issue…

Interview with Ivan Lins

He is one of the icons of Brazilian popular music and has been standing out for over 50 years as a singer, composer and pianist, not only in Brazil but in several countries. (…) READ MORE ➜

Enjoy Spring: 4 Canoeing Routes in Algonquin Park

In Canada, spring is often considered the best and most anticipated season of the year. It represents a period of renewal and growth, with lots of green sprouting and flowers blooming, after a long cold winter. Who lives in the province of Ontario suffered in the skin, that year, with a gray winter and with very low levels of solar incidence. (…) READ MORE ➜

Interview with Rodrigo Massa. A Brazilian shining in Canadian time

At first, I didn’t think of being a Brazilian character, until chef Antônio Pereira said “brigadeiro” and “chicken wings” in one of the scenes. And the character is not just a Brazilian character, but is being played by a real Brazilian actor (…) READ MORE ➜

Extra care for your pet at Easter

Did you know that chocolate is toxic to dogs? Nowadays, many pets are treated like members of the family. In the process of humanization, dogs begin to receive care and attention similar to that of a human being. (…) READ MORE ➜

Digital nomad. A new concept of remote work

Understand this new concept of remote work
Traveling is a common desire among many people. Some take this hobby so seriously that they have turned travel into a profession. And we’re not talking about tour guides. The subject here is about a new professional: the so-called digital nomad. (…) READ MORE ➜

Portugal and Brazil offer Digital Nomad visas
In both Brazil and Portugal, there is a growing community of digital nomads, professionals who take advantage of the countries’ infrastructure and culture to live a working life with more freedom and flexibility. (…) READ MORE ➜

Brazil will again require tourist visas for Canadian citizens

With the new government of President Lula, Itamaraty revised the international reciprocity agreements and indicated that it will once again demand an entry visa for Canadian citizens, as of October 1, 2023. This is because “Brazil does not grant unilateral visa exemption for visit, without reciprocity”, said Itamaraty (…) READ MORE ➜

Chronicle: An awakening every day

A routine is a form of imprisonment. We wake up, have breakfast, leave the house to work, stop for lunch, then have a snack, finish the day’s work, then study, have dinner, turn on the TV and then sleep: pure routine, pure coming and going of a life in trouble. (…) CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN PORTUGUESE ONLY

Wave KIDS – Poetry: The Easter Bunny

Big ears. And soft skin. He brings yummy eggs. And it spreads joy (…) READ MORE ➜

Recipe: Spring Risotto

A recipe with the color of the season. How about a Spring Risotto? A delicious dish, easy and quick to prepare. And that will leave a taste of wanting more (…) READ MORE ➜