Yara Vasconcelos

Inspiring artist

By Thais D.N.T/ Translated by Loretta Murphy

Yara Vasconcelos, 27, came to Canada when she was 11 years old to learn English. What she did not know at that time was that her life would be affected by the arts. The English language would be just a detail in the life of a small explorer of new lands, with so much talent saved up. The city chosen for her to study was Toronto, which is also where she chose to start her personal and professional achievements.

Yara Vasconcelos

Born in the province of Huambo in Angola, Yara’s family is Angolan. From childhood, she was encouraged by her parents to draw and to appreciate folk art, thus creating a strong connection to the arts. Her parents, though not artists, encouraged Yara to develop this side. Another major influence came from a Brazilian family, who showed the artist the roots of Brazilian culture.

Angolan roots had always been in her life, but she was delighted with Brazilian culture, which also influenced her. Today, this influence is present not only in her personal life, but especially in her professional life.

Undoubtedly, Yara is a complete artist. In addition to being a painter, she also works with dance and artistic clothing. She is a choreographer of the group The Samba Connection and Event Coordinator of the producer Rhythm National Productions. In addition, Yara presents the program Yara & You, on the Our TV Canada channel (www.nossatvcanada.com). It is a program for communities from African Countries with Portuguese as an official language.

Having grown up and developed her art in Toronto, Yara is not considered a foreigner in this great Canadian city. It was in Toronto that the artist first stepped on stage and showed the world her first paintings.

Despite the difficulties undergone by any artist, Yara proves that cultural diversity enriches people’s lives and expands life’s visions. Yara says that her love for cultural diversity and for Canada allowed her to live her art, since Canada is a country that values artists.

Thais D.N.T is a journalist and editor for the exchange and travel site HI-BONJOUR (www.hibonjourtravel.com).