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Interview with Valeria Sales and Cidalia Pereira – Centro Abrigo

Valeria Sales and Cidalia Pereira – Centro Abrigo, Toronto (Photo: personal archive)

It all started when abused women and children in the Portuguese community sought help at a church in west Toronto. The demand was so great that, in 1990 (…) READ MORE

Immigration – 2023 New “Express Entry” program

New Express Entry immigration program to Canada responds to specific labor market needs in Canada and strengthens French-speaking communities. (Illustrative image: Dreamstime.com)

Canada is launching a new process for the Express Entry program in 2023. The new modality for selecting candidates for permanent residency is based on prioritization (…) READ MORE

Portuguese tiles – Through brushstrokes, shapes and colors. A walk through the rich history of tiles

Azulejo facade, in Portugal (Illustrative image: Dreamstime.com)

Hand painted tiles are a significant artistic and cultural expression in Portugal, where they have been present for over five centuries. These ceramic pieces are also remarkable in Brazil, especially in the context (…) LEIA AQUI ➜

Financial planning – Think ahead about your children’s higher education

(Illustrative photo: Dreamstime.com)

For parents of babies or young children, it is difficult to imagine the moment when that child will be ready to start a University or College. But as we hear from so many families of teens and older children, time flies, especially when it comes to parenting time (…) READ MORE ➜

My children no longer speak Portuguese. And now?

(Illustrative photo: Dreamstime.com)

It all starts with an English word in the child’s vocabulary. The Brazilian father or mother listens proudly, after all, many of them had difficulty in developing the new language after moving to Canada. Over time, the phrases become more and more mixed up until Portuguese leaves the scene so that the English language dominates the communication. At that moment fear strikes: is this a path of no return? (…) READ MORE ➜

Taste of Portugal in Canada Wonderland, Toronto

(Illustrative photo: Dreamstime.com)

In Brazil, São João is a popular celebration, enlivened by folk dances, traditional music, bonfires and typical foods. The streets and halls are decorated with colorful flags, and square dances are one of the most popular attractions. (…) LEIA AQUI ➜

Creperies in Toronto – Real hidden treasures

(Imagem ilustrativa: Dreamstime.com)

Every year, Volta Luso Charities promotes a walking, running and cycling event that brings together more than 600 participants. It is a show of strength and solidarity in support of people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. (…) READ MORE ➜

Tapioca Crepe – Have you tried it yet?

(Imagem ilustrativa: Dreamstime.com)

For those who like to venture into exotic crepes, here is the Tapioca Crepe tip. For Brazilians, it is the popular “beiju” and can be found, here in Toronto, at Tapi Go! (…) READ MORE ➜