Wave 74 – Read on this Issue


Read on this issue.

The cover story is our last Goodbye to Carlito Palmeira Melo. Musician, multimedia artist, designer and a great friend of the Brazilian community in Canada (1938-2018).

Dolores Gontijo discusses the work of writer Fatima Mesquita and interviews Mariane de Oliveira, owner of Mary’s Brigadeiros. Want to understand about the “Posted Rates” of the big banks? Read the article of Andreia Brazil, a specialist in financing and mortgage.

We are in the year of presidential elections in Brazil. Follow the Brazilian political knot of 2018 with the article by Rogério Silva. To relax, read the chronicle of Marta Almeida, from the series Let me tell you: Punishment for Grandma. For those who like television, read about the new release of TV Record, a novel predicted two thousand years ago.

The recipe for this edition is a delicious grilled salmon, accompanied by risotto. And do not forget to honour Brazilian entrepreneurship in Canada. See our Commercial Guide and, whenever you can, buy from Brazilians. Good reading!
Teresa Botelho

Boa Leitura!
Teresa Botelho