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We opened this edition with an interview by Dolores Gontijo with Fabiana Bacchini, author of the book From Surviving to Thriving. Fabiana shares her work and personal challenges in pregnancy and premature birth.

Arthur Vianna‘s article celebrates Portugal Day and Erick Alencar gives an overview of the Portuguese team at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Portugal opens the games playing against Spain on June 15th.

Nara Maria Müller gives tips on how to write a resumé. In the Opinion section, Rogério Silva discusses the stamping of Real notes by the Labour Party’s followers (PT). Marta Almeida, with her chronicle It is Not Always Funny – column Let Me Tell You – reports a typical street situation in Toronto.

Andreia Braziladdresses a topic of interest to all who want to buy and renovate their own home. She explains that it is possible to obtain financing for a home purchase with an additional value for renovations.

In the Education section, Rosemary Baptista explains the Chef’s Certification Program, a profession accepted in the Skilled Work immigration program. The recipe for this issue? Cod stew with sweet potato (chips) in the oven.

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