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Summer has arrived and we are all attentive to the events and festivals that take place throughout Canada. Dolores Gontijo, cultural promoter and representative of the Toronto Citizenship Council, talks about some Brazilian events planned for the coming months.
July 1 is Canada Day. Maya Gasparoto highlights 5 aspects of this national holiday. Still, within the theme of holidays and celebrations, understand the meaning of Victoria Day.

Did you know that the Canadian and MP Julie Dzerowicz was awarded the Order of Rio Branco? The ceremony took place in Ottawa and was attended by the Brazilian Ambassador Denis de Souza Pinto and Regina Filippov, co-director and co-founder of Brazilian Wave.

The World Cup is up and running! Arthur Vianna makes a general overview of the opening of the event and favorite teams. In the column Let Me Tell You, Marta Almeida reports an embarrassing situation that has happened to Fabricio, for not being able to speak English. In the Opinion column, Rogério Silva talks about the fragile political situation in Brazil: closed for inventory. In this issue Andreia Brazil explores the topic of real estate refinancing. The recipe of this edition is the traditional delicacy from Minas Gerais, Ovos Queimados. A delight!