Wave 84 – Read on this issue

Canada, together with other countries worldwide, has dedicated the month of October to breast cancer awareness, since 1997. Our cover story by Arthur Vianna highlights the initiative of Brazilian Laila Abreu, with the Colorare Project, which aims to help women who underwent breast cancer surgery with areola reconstruction.

In this issue, Christian Pedersen interviews Leila Farah, coordinator of events and partnerships of Ciranda Brasileira. The community association develops Portuguese-language programs and events in Toronto.

Continuing on the theme of support to Brazilians, we have the article by Bruno Sibella, which gives us the indication of other Brazilian associations and groups acting in regions neighboring Toronto: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph and London. Arthur Vianna then takes the example of the city of London, Ontario, as a viable alternative for those looking for a place with a lower cost of living than Toronto.

Continuing our tour of Ontario, we visited Northumberland County. Christian Pedersen’s story makes us understand why it is worth visiting the region at any time of the year.

Thinking of buying a home? Flavia Zancope, a real estate expert, takes a detailed approach to legal aspects and how to avoid common mistakes when buying a home in Canada.

Alethéa Mantovani spoke with Cesar Filho, journalist and host of the TV Record Today program. Cesar shares with us his recent trip to Canada with his family.

The recipe for this issue is typical of the region known as “The Big Apple”, which is part of Northumberland County. We offer three cider recipes: ginger mint cider; apple cider bleed; and cider smoked with hopper.

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