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Welcome to Wave’s Fall edition. Arthur Vianna interviews Ambassador Wanja Campos da Nóbrega, who is returning to Canada, now with the mission of heading the Consulate General of Brazil in Toronto.

In these pandemic times, international and even provincial travel in Canada remains difficult. The good news is that you can get to know places like Paris, Athens, London, Stratford, and Delhi, among others, without having to leave the province of Ontario. That’s what Christian Pedersen’s story brings.

Expatriate maternity is a subject covered in two articles in this issue. Alethéa Mantovani tells us about the richness of the experience of motherhood lived by a Brazilian, here in Canada. Priscila Ruzzante, on the other hand, explores the importance of women’s networks, blogs and digital media to support mothers who have left their homeland, as well as many other expatriate women.

To keep our readers informed, we address the expansion of temporary economic actions recently announced by the Government of Canada. Find out details about the new benefits offered, which will help millions of Canadians who lost income due to the pandemic financially.

We all know the importance of wearing a mouth mask in this COVID-19 pandemic period. We bring an article from the Ontario Dental Association, with tips for preventing harmful gases that cause a bad smell in the masks.

Eder Pessala, a specialist in Internet security (cyber security), alerts us as to how the Internet manipulates our lives. It is worth reading and sharing with children, family, and friends.

The recipe for this edition? The delicious Bahian dish Shrimp in the Pumpkin.
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