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Bill C-18 Crucial For Ethnic Media and Canadian Society

Read the message from Senator Peter Harder, who is the Senate sponsor of C-18 and the former Government Representative in the Senate (…) READ MORE ➜

Mother Teresa of Calcutta – Simulated Interview with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resources

Read the simulated interview with Mother Teresa (died 1997) developed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) content generation tools. (…) READ MORE ➜

The experience of becoming a mother abroad

Going through the process of motherhood in a country different from the one we were born in is a great challenge. The phase, by itself, already creates a whirlwind of emotions in the mother-to-be, who may feel even more insecure if she is away from family, friends and the doctor she already knows (…) READ MORE ➜

A summary of the history of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, as we know it in Canada, Brazil and Portugal, began in the 20th century in the state of Virginia, USA, (…) READ MORE ➜

Mama Duck is back in Toronto

The Toronto Waterfront Festival, formerly the Redpath Waterfront Festival, has announced that the world’s largest rubber duck will finally return to the annual festival from September 16-17, 2023. (…) READ MORE ➜

An unforgettable tour of Ontario waters

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience in Toronto for the next few months, have you considered taking a Tall Ships cruise on the waters of Lake Ontario? These majestic vessels hark back to the golden age of sailing and the tour is a perfect option. (…) READ MORE ➜

The Word On The Street festival in Toronto

O festival Word On The Street é um festival de um dia, que celebra a literatura canadense e promove a alfabetização em Toronto. O festival é realizado anualmente no mês de setembro e reúne entusiastas de livros, autores e editores de todo o Canadá. (…) LEIA MAIS ➜

Pets – Benefits of having a pet

For many, having a pet goes beyond having a “pet” at home, but a family member. It is not by chance that the benefits of having pets are many and scientifically proven: they help humans to live longer, happier and healthier lives, as, for example, they help from alleviating loneliness to reducing the risk of heart attacks ( …) READ MORE ➜

Poetry: Mother’s Day

I saw a girl in a garden. Dreams of flowers one day. She was telling me. From a time that she would not return (…) READ MORE ➜