My Canada #3 – Arthur Vianna

A Brazilian Wave wants to know your Canada through its experiences and opinions. Discover Canada by Wave journalist and contributor Arthur Vianna.

Where you are from?
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

What city do you live in Canada? Toronto, Ontário

How long in Canada? Since 1997, with some breaks in Brazil

What do you do in Canada? I worked at the Consulate, had a column in the Portuguese press, founded the Brazil News newspaper, and was one of the editors of Focus Brazilian Trade magazine. Currently, I collaborate with Brazilian Wave and maintain a column about Canada in Brazil.

Why Canada?

My wife took a master’s degree at UofT and I received an invitation to work at the Consulate.

Something you like about Canada

The climate: I enjoy both seasons.

Something you don’t like about Canada

Cinema: foreign films are dubbed and I listen badly.

A place you would like to visit in Canada

Canada’s Wonderland

A favorite place in Canada


What advice or suggestion would you give to anyone who would like to come here?

Come and try. Like it, stay.

A photo in Canada that you like

Ottawa, capital do Canadá

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