My Canada #2: Ligia Carvalho

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Ligia Carvalho –

Where you are from? I’m from Itu – the interior of São Paulo.

What city do you live in Canada? I currently live in Maple Ridge – British Columbia

How long in Canada? Almost 11 years.

What do you do in Canada? I currently divide my time between my work in the School District of my region and the promotion and dissemination of my two children’s books “Max Loves Cupcakes” and “Grandma is a Star”.

Why Canadá?

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I think that, like most, we came to Canada (my husband and I) in search of a better quality of life to raise our family.

Something you like about Canada

The sense of citizenship – rights and duties are very clear and are generally respected.

Something you don’t like about Canada

When I lived in New Brunswick I found the winter to be very long (cold and snowy for almost 6 months a year), but now living in BC I can’t even complain about it anymore.

A place you would like to visit in Canada

Lake Louise (Lake Louise (Alberta) is in my next plans.

A favorite place in Canada

One of the places I like the most is Mont-Tremblant in Québec.

What advice or suggestion would you give to anyone who would like to come here?

I would say that immigrating is like being born again. Come open, prepared to take a few steps back (both in your personal and professional life), come open to new experiences. Not everything is a flower in the life of an immigrant (especially at the beginning), but it is important to always remember what brought you here and focus on your goal.

A photo in Canada that you like

Mont-Tremblant, Québec

Photo by Ligia Carvalho.

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