Wave Calendar 2023-2024. Have you received your (free) copy yet?

Wave 20 Year – 2023-2024 Commemorative Calendar

In 2023 Wave Magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary!

To commemorate this milestone, we have prepared a special calendar that shares a bit of Portuguese and Brazilian soul and culture, taking a dip into the world of ornamental tiles.

Have you received your (free) copy of the Wave Calendar yet? Order by email: [email protected] (Sorry, we ship to Canada only – limited run.)

Wave Magazine’s 20th anniversary commemorative calendar in 2023

The Calendar — Wave 20 Years — comes as a gift from us, which will accompany Wave readers over the next 12 months, from July 2023 to June 2024. In it, you will find special dates, holidays, artistic events and important celebrations in Brazil, Portugal and Canada.

The calendar bears the title “Casa dos Azulejos”. These beautiful pieces have to do with our artistic and cultural expressions. With shades of cobalt blue or vibrant colours, sinuous lines or striking geometries, the tiles connect the history and culture of these countries, keeping this rich cultural tradition alive in Portugal, Brazil and also Canada.

We hope you enjoy and make good use of the calendar for the next 12 months. It was made with care, so you can browse through memories and plan for the future.

It is also our way of thanking the readers, advertisers, collaborators and all Wave Magazine associates for their trust and support over these 20 years.

Teresa Botelho e Regina Filippov
Founders of Wave Magazine
(Brazilian Wave Magazine)

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