Cláudio Moura


A recognized Brazilian caricaturist, will be on Canadian soil to show his work and prove that caricatures are more than just funny drawings.

By Luciana Savioli, from Montreal

Whoever sees the unpretentious Cláudio Moura finds it hard to believe that he is one of the most recognized visual artists in Brazil, winner of national and international festivals and named – in 2005 – as one of the 100 best caricaturists in the world. All these attributes are so hard to fit to this face which seems so young and to a person who is so informal and shy at first glance. But once you get to know his work, all these attributes are understandable, natural and irrefutable to any observer.

A 34 year old Carioca, Cláudio already has an extensive resumé and a solid career. He started making his first sketches when he was still a child, and never stopped – in school he would draw the teachers that intrigued him the most (whether it be because of physical attributes or attitude), he also attended the University of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro. From then on he perfected and refined his drawing techniques. Still today, for him, observation and drawing are his passion and the basis for all his other work. Even after having paved the way in the Arts, he is still loyal to his pencil and his drawings but he developed other artistic techniques, just as impressive, all of them having the expression of a caricature as a starting point. For him, being a caricaturist requires a generous shot of observation, memory and sensibility – to identify the physical and psychological characteristics – and not just humour. “A caricature is a drawing that is born from the observation of one’s physical and moral character”, explains Cláudio. This is evident when you analyse his work, which are much more then trivial or comical – they have life, inspire emotions and reveal the soul.

Cláudio today is a professional who paints, sculpts, draws and when needed, constructs and creates movement to enchanting dolls. He was a member of the ultra-selected team of painters for Rede Globo, known worldwide for its impeccable quality standards and artistic excellence. He was one of the artists who created dolls for the miniseries “Hoje é Dia de Maria”, nominated at the Emmy Awards 2006 for best foreign series. This and other works of Cláudio’s can be seen on his site

He also works in the areas of graphic design, visual programming for websites and participates in events, an activity which he hopes to continue practising in his new city, the charming and cultural Montreal where he has been living since April with his wife Luciene, a costume designer. Here, on Canadian soil, Cláudio hopes to continue evolving his art and his work, creating new paths, exploring new possibilities and, of course, be able to show his work. “I would like to show, through my art, the caricature in its most natural form and to tear up this old artistic manifestation of the vulgarity in which we live today”, concludes Cláudio. And with so much talent, does anybody doubt that he will be able to pull it off?