Wave 108 – Tapioca Crepe. You have tried?

For those who like to venture into exotic crepes, here is the Tapioca Crepe tip. For Brazilians, it is the popular “beiju” and can be found, in Toronto and Montreal, at the Tapi Go restaurant!

Illustrative image of tapioca crepe with banana and caramel sauce

Beiju, or Crepe de Tapioca, is a typical Brazilian delicacy of indigenous origin, which is based on cassava (cassava in English). Pre-colonial peoples already made use of this edible starch, extracted from cassava roots and still present today in typical cuisine.

Beiju is a delicacy that is traditionally popular and highly appreciated in the North and Northeast of Brazil. More recently, it has become popular with Brazilians in several states. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, it is offered at kiosks on Copacabana beach and at snack bars in malls, often with the creative name of Crepioca.

The Tapioca Crepe has a particular and authentic taste. For those who don’t know, it can be said that its flavor is a little closer to sourdough, well known in Canada.

Traditionally, Tapioca Crepe is enjoyed with good butter, white curd cheese and grated coconut. But, currently, the use of other fillings has been gaining strength. Between sweet and savory, they are served, for example, with fresh banana slices, creamy guava paste, shredded chicken, sardines and even mushrooms.
Such variety has also conquered international cuisine. Whether you’re a seasoned tapioca enthusiast or someone new to this ingredient, venture into this different flavor, loaded with Brazilian tropicalism.


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