Zezé de Camargo e Luciano in Toronto

Having been told that the brothers would speak with the press separately, Luciano before the show and Zezé after, we wait in the indicated room.

Por/By Dolores Gontijo

Anxiety generated by expectation disappears before the calm and cheerful figure of Luciano. Articulate, he answers questions carefully and attentively, dispelling everyone’s curiosity simply and directly. He explains to me that he makes a point of enjoying his family time, stating that “people who want to spend time with their families, make the time.” He speaks enthusiastically as he describes how they recorded their recent success, “Defensor” [Defender]. Aware of the effect caused by the song, he said that at first they had no idea how large an impact it would have, but he is now happy with the result.

  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/bextlD2Fxsg

The show begins with equally large vibrations by Luso-Brazilian fans. Wearing simple costumes, they appear. Lots of lights are flashing and there are giant screens. Things heat up and the audience goes wild when the pair takes the stage and Mirosmar José and Welson David [real names] become the charismatic Zezé di Camargo and Luciano [stage names].

In addition to their greatest hits, the pair performs some Brazilian favourites by Moacir Franco “Seu Amor Ainda é Tudo” and Cazuza (“Faz Parte do meu Show”), complete with duel guitars on centre stage.

Bright images on the screens, dancers, dunes, lace, fire, flowers, bucolic and playful scenes are offered according to the tone of music presented. For more than an hour, the stage sings, dances, shakes and never sits. The pair fills the stage with energy that spreads like light through the air.

After the show, as promised, Zezé di Camargo speaks to the press. I see the stage giant turn into an ordinary man. Aged, in my view, but nice and polite, he answers our questions, remarking that the pair has had more than 100 hits in Brazil, of the 420 songs they have recorded, with songs featured on a total of 17 soap opera soundtrack. They have sold 40 million records, have record 2 records in Spanish, and 20 Platinum records in Portugal. He seemed surprised by the size of the Brazilian community in Canada and the significant presence of Portuguese at the show. He lists some of the countries they’ve performed in, and remarks that they have even performed live in Japan. He speaks proudly of the second generation of Brazilian country music duos whose careers have been inspired by Zezé di Camargo and Luciano.

He tells me that over his 24-year career, it is very difficult to choose a song to represent the duo’s musical career, but he says that their first hit is always the most remembered, as it started off a very successful career. “É o Amor”, is certainly one of the songs that influenced a new generation of popular country duos.

  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/LsWA1b_iCE4

After the show in Mississauga they head to Boston. Zezé de Camargo and Luciano charmed an audience which anxiously awaits their return.