E7: Achieving work/life balance | Career Journeys in Canada

Wave podcast series:
Career journeys in Canada.
Reinventing ourselves

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Achieving work/life balance. Choosing solopreneurship
Interview with Carolina Hack
Synopsis of Episode 7

Solopreneurship: she did it her way!

Carolina Hack, Vancouver, BC

Carolina Hack, Vancouver, BC, had over a decade of success within the finance industry, before immigrating to Canada. Here, she set her sights on a custom-made career solution. As a devoted mother of two children, Work/Life balance was a must. Listen to her interview to discover how she combined business smarts, creativity, and supportive partnerships to establish a thriving Import/Export Consultancy.

Podcast: Career Journeys in Canada Reinventing Ourselves
This podcast series showcases real-life stories of people who have successfully reinvented themselves through their careers. People who have found new purpose, overcome adversity, followed their passion, and explored new horizons. Read more about this series

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Wave Podcast Series:
Career journeys in Canada – Reinventing ourselves.
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Wave Podcast Series: Career Journeys – Reinventing Ourselves.
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