False ‘Pé-de-moleque’

´Pé-de-moleque´ is a traditional candy from the Brazilian cuisine made of peanuts and jaggery or molasses.

The origin of its name lies in the fact that most paved streets of colonial Brazil were made by laying down various odd rocks in a loose layer of sand/dirt, and having street children stomp on them to flatten the surface. While sett/cobblestone streets are called rua de paralelepípedos and unpaved streets rua de barro (literally, “clay street”), those made by the method described above came to be named pé-de-moleque. Since the appearance of the peanuts stuck together by molasses was found to be similar to that of these type of street, the candy took the same name.


  • 500g of cornstarch type biscuit;
  • 400g ground peanuts;
  • 1 can of condensed milk.

How to prepare

Grind cookies in blender, add the peanuts and condensed milk, mixing all ingredients until they reach creamy consistency. Place the mixture on a pan greased with butter, and let it dry. Cut in squares and serve.

Note: It does not go in the oven.