The Brazilian Globoplay now in Canada

GloboPlay expande o seu streaming ao Canadá e Europa


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One of the most successful platforms in Brazil, Globoplay, has recently expanded its streaming to viewers residing in Canada and Europe.

The novelty, which is available for Android and iOS and can be accessed by SmartTVs, computers, cell phones or tablets, brings several options to the foreign audience, that is, quality content with over a thousand titles on demand. There are soap operas, Brazilian films, journalism, original series, sports and several live attractions, through the transmission of seven channels such as Globonews, GNT, Multishow, Globo Internacional, Sports TV, Premiere and VIVA.

The streaming platform now in Canada and Europe

Globoplay’s international expansion actually started in the beginning of 2020, when streaming arrived in the United States, and now the platform is now also serving Canada and 18 other European countries, to the delight of the public that lives abroad.

In Canada, specifically, the company’s expectation is to reach a network of Brazilian expatriates that add up to more than 40 thousand currently living in the country, and who are distributed in more than 16 thousand households.

Agatha Moreira and Camila Queiroz in “Verdades Secretas II“. (Source: Globoplay)

According to the manager of Digital Products and Services Creation at Globo, João Ribeiro, the company’s objective is to continue providing quality information and entertainment to viewers, in addition to delighting both the Brazilian and international markets. “By bringing together series, successful films, soap operas and journalism, Globoplay becomes a range of offers to the public,” he says. He also claims that the company has invested in releases that make sense to Brazilians, in the most varied segments.

“Globoplay is the streaming of exciting experiences made by and for Brazilians, and now for the international audience. This enchantment comes through the content, which is our banner, combined with a young and cool brand, tuned in to new habits and all tastes, connecting several ‘Brasis’, which sustains an open dialogue with the public and reinvents the way to consume content wherever, however, and whenever you want” – highlights João Ribeiro.

Approaching an international audience that speaks Portuguese

According to Globo’s Head of International Distribution, Carolina Andrade, 40 original content will be made available for the next year and will be able to dialogue with a wider audience. She says that the platform’s arrival in Canada and Europe is another step in the company’s direct relationship strategy with the consumer. “Streaming gives us the opportunity to tell a lot more stories and this business movement brings us even closer to the Portuguese-speaking audience that no longer lives in Brazil. So we can connect with many Brazilians around the world through journalism, entertainment, soap operas, sports, and other news that will come ahead ”- she says.

The telenovela “Verdades Secretas II” is one of the novelties offered by the platform, as it is the first Brazilian telenovela for streaming. And it comes with a strong cast, full of stars, such as Camila Queiroz, Rainer Cadete, Agatha Moreira, Romulo Estrela, Guilhermina Guinle, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Sergio Guizé, as well as others present in a plot full of surprises.

The following contents are also available on the platform: “As Five”, “Shippados”, “Surrounds”, “Aruanas”, “Disalma”, “Iron Island”, “Life After Falling”, “What History Is This Porchat ?”, “Lady Night”, “Sessão Therapy”, “The Masked Singer Brasil” and others.

The purchase price for Globoplay programming in Canada is $13.99 per month.

Fábio Porchat. (Photo: Globoplay)
Cassia Kiss in Desalma. (Photo: Globoplay)