Cultural exchange. It’s time to plan

Young Brazilians prepare for studies in Canada after the phase of COVID-19

Covid-19 left many dreams of exchange suspended in the air. There is only one way for the dream not to lose direction. Keep dreaming, planning, imagining you on Canadian soil. We feel that the clock stopped and that our goal was unattainable. If you look in another direction, you will see that this break is excellent for each one to prepare better for the big moment.

Many visa applications could not be sent to the consulate. Other requests remain inside the consulate awaiting analysis or finalization. Anyway, there are many different stories with a common goal. The dream of being in Canada has been temporarily interrupted, but it should not be abandoned.

With a speed (3 working days) and efficiency never seen before, private English schools like CLLC and SLLC changed the entire delivery of the language learning content to the online platform. Young people who were able to face the challenge of the different continue to study on the online platform within Canada. Before, the student traveled to school. Now the student has the school inside his home. The quality of teaching has not been compromised. The student continues to interact with teachers and students who are all over the world in real time.

The prediction of the opening of private English schools will happen at different times depending on the administration of each one. In Vancouver and Victoria, some schools will open in mid-July. In Charlottetown we already have schools open. In Toronto the forecast is August or September. Everything will depend on the government authorities of each Province.

This moment never lived, opened an attractive opportunity for many Brazilians to study the language online with accredited teachers in real time. The Canadian government has changed and will continue to change immigration rules as needed. Today, a student can take 50% of their higher education online in Brazil and continue to be eligible to receive the PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit), representing considerable savings with accommodation within Canada.

The certainty we have is that Canada is a huge country, with low population density and with a large number of workers retiring soon. International students and new immigrants not only feed the country’s economy, they are also its future. As long as countries’ borders remain closed, invest in online language courses. It’s really worth it! We hope to see you in Canada soon.

Samira is an Immigration and Exchange Consultant for the agency Triip Canada.