Interview with Christopher Wise, officer at John Molson School of Business – Concordia University, Montreal

Concordia University's John Molson School of Business is in Montreal, Québec, Canada. This Institution is one of Canada's most respected and recognized business schools internationally.

Christopher Wise, Officer, Graduate Recruitment and Marketing at John Molson School of Business – Concordia University, Montreal (Photos: Personal LinkedIn and

“We are proud to say that 93% of our MBA alumni find a job within three months of graduating”, says JMSB’s executive.

John Molson School of Business has a strong reputation for its academic excellence and commitment to high-quality business education delivered in English. It offers MBA and Master’s programs in several areas, including business analytics and technology management, finance, investment management, marketing, management, and supply chain management. It also offers a PhD in Business Administration with five specializations. 

According to Christopher Wise, Officer, Graduate Recruitment and Marketing, John Molson projects to increase the recruitment of students from Brazil and Latin America. “Brazilians share a close connection with Quebec residents due to their Latin cultural background and find Montreal a diverse and welcoming environment,” highlights Mr. Wise. “Brazilians tend to have a rich professional experience before they join our master’s programs, adding to the quality of class discussions.”

See the full interview with Mr. Wise about why John Molson MBAs provide an excellent opportunity to candidates from Brazil.

Interview with Christopher Wise

Why are Brazil and Latin America exciting markets for the John Molson School of Business (JMSB)?

International students, more broadly, bring their diverse backgrounds and perspectives into the classroom. All students benefit from this diversity and enrich the discussion, especially when analyzing business’s local, regional, and international dynamics.

Concerning the adaptation process of Brazilian students?

Candidates from Brazil and Latin America tend to have a rich professional experience before they join our MBA programs, adding to the quality of class discussions. They also share a closer cultural connection with Quebec residents. Portuguese and Spanish are Latin languages, making it easier for them to learn French and integrate more quickly into Montreal life. Adding to their overall experience, Concordia University and the Quebec government offer a variety of free resources for our international students to learn French.

What do JMSB and Concordia University offer for MBA and post-graduate studies?

The John Molson general MBA offers a great return on investment. Unlike many North American MBA programs, our MBA is publicly subsidized, meaning that our students get a cost-effective, world-class, and AACSB-accredited business education.

For those interested in getting the CFA certification while pursuing an MBA, John Molson also has a specialized MBA in investment management that prepares students for the CFA exams. Scholarships and awards are available for strong students to help finance their studies.

The John Molson School of Business is located in the heart of vibrant downtown Montreal, which consistently ranks as one of the world’s top student cities. Students not only benefit from the multicultural, cosmopolitan, and festive ambiance but also from being in one of Canada’s major business hubs.

Our MBA students enjoy a more personalized learning experience through small class sizes and approachable faculty and staff. It is ultimately up to students to make the most of their MBA experience; that is why we support them in any way we can.

How does JMSB ensure an enriching and inclusive academic experience for international students?

Concordia University and the John Molson School of Business take diversity, equity, and inclusion to heart. At the core of its mission is ensuring that international students can interact and collaborate with peers, faculty, and staff. Everyone is encouraged to bring their unique perspective to the forefront.

Soon after receiving an offer of admission, incoming students are provided with valuable resources to prepare for their studies. International students, more specifically, need to secure their visa and study permits, arrange for travelling and accommodations in Montreal, navigate a new educational system, and integrate into a new culture. Our International Student Office supports international students as they prepare for their arrival in Montreal.

John Molson’s Career Management Services team works hand-in-hand with students from Orientation day to a year after they graduate to help with professional development such as improving resumes and interview skills, participation in recruiting events, company visits and connecting students with alumni and others in their extensive business network. There are also Co-op opportunities available throughout the different programs.

What is the impact of this degree on international students’ career trajectory after completing their studies?

John Molson MBAs provide diverse learning opportunities so that students may develop hard and soft skills relevant to the modern workplace. Our curriculums’ case-based and experiential learning focus prepares our graduates for success in management, consulting, entrepreneurship, or other positions.

We are proud to say that 93% of our MBA alumni find a job within three months of graduating. Some of our international alumni choose to stay in Canada to work. Others decide to take their MBA further afield in diverse global markets. The most important is that they are all prepared to follow whatever path they choose and that they will remain part of our international community.

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This interview was conducted by José Gonçalves Neto, a member of the Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses (FCBB) located in Montreal.