Let me tell you – Embarrassing moment with a member of parliament (MP) during carnival

An embarrassing moment with the member of parliament (MP) during carnival

This happened to a work colleague. Since obtaining immigrant status in Canada, Carlos, who had worked for many years in the newsrooms, radio and TV stations of Porto Alegre, became deeply involved with the so-called Portuguese-Canadian media in Toronto. He has worked in several publications aimed at Brazilians and Portuguese people and has always had good access to the politicians of the neighbourhoods with the largest Portuguese language communities.

Carlos had covered so many issues and interviewed the MP Tatiana so many times that he used to affectionately call her by her nickname: Tati, but respectfully of course, without the traditional joking around and teasing that Carlos loves to do with his female friends.

During the carnival period, the journalist had the misfortune of receiving a request from a friend by text message. Tati, the MP’s namesake, wanted his opinion about her costume for the traditional Brazilian community dance. She texted him the photo and asked him to be honest. Carlos did not waste time and quickly called his friend, ready to tease and joke around with her. He called the first Tati who appeared in his contact list.

– I love your costume Tati! You look so hot! Quite something! You’re really going to knock everyone’s socks off! Wow!

The silence on the other end of the line was disconcerting and strange and when Tati, the MP, asked with her Portuguese accent:

– Who is this talking? Carlos? – The Brazilian journalist froze!

– MP? Oh, my God! Please forgive me! I called the wrong Tati!

Carlos got all flustered, explained the mix-up, stammered, and apologized hundreds of times. Luckily for him, caught up in the carnival atmosphere, the MP ended up laughing and even joked with the journalist.

– I no longer have the same energy and willingness to dress up for carnival, but at least I now know who to ask for an opinion if I want to buy a new costume!

Nevertheless, the “embarrassing moment” left its mark. To this day, Carlos dies of shame whenever he has to interview Tati, the MP…