May 25, 2019 – EcoMusic: Sounds of Brazilian Nature. A tribute to Tom Jobim

Café e Cultura Toronto Celebrates its 5 year Anniversary! Please join us for a concert and cocktails with pianist Fabio Caramuru!

Tickets can be purchased directly through Eventbrite
(with a small processing fee) or at the following locations (no fees):
Brasil Remittance – 1458 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario
Mandala Travel – 1268 St. Clair West, Toronto, Ontario

For the first time in Canada, EcoMusic lands in Toronto for one show on May 25, 2019 featuring acclaimed Brazilian pianist, Fábio Caramuru.

Fabio Caramuru’s distinctive style is a fresh blend of classical compositional techniques with a contemporary flair. For the EcoMusic repertoire, Fabio’s main thematic materials are borrowed from bird calls and surrounding nature sounds, crafted in ever so elaborated soundscapes for the piano. Aside from Fabio’s original compositions, the performance will include the pianist’s unique take on a hand picked selection of masterpieces by Tom Jobim, one of Brazil’s greatest pianist and composer.

This event is hosted by Café e Cultura Toronto, a Brazilian cultural non-profit organization, as part of its five-year anniversary celebrations.  The performance will take place in Toronto on Saturday, May 25 at 7:00 p.m.


ECOMUSICA / Teaser About EcoMúsica Project (2018)


$60.00 (note: if purchased online, processing fees will apply)


$30.00 (note: 18 and under and must be purchased with an e-transfer to [email protected]). Student admission cannot be purchased online.