My “Pet”. The arrival of a new member in the family

I have always heard that the best remedy for loneliness or depression is to have a pet. After all, they are sources of love and daily laughter, and they still help to take many people out of a sedentary lifestyle. In the face of mandatory and total isolation, of so many fears, many people decided that it was time to increase the family or, at last, have a company (in the case of those who live alone). Combining the useful with the pleasant, some anticipated what was an old but future wish, or even something unimaginable due to the daily rush that was before the Coronavirus pandemic. But 2020 was such a crazy year, so intense and uncertain, that many opened their hearts to the arrival of a new member in the family. And this arrival rescued the joy of many people who were in need of this cuddle.

Keeping up with everything that happens around the world and already predicting what was to come, the psychologist Illyana Gurgel anticipated herself by being enchanted by her Pippa, a caramel mongrel who won the lot. “When I came to live alone, away from my parents, I missed a lot of company, I was very lonely, especially with the pandemic. I started looking in adoption groups for a dog that was small in size because it was an apartment. I had never adopted and wanted her to be a female. I looked in several groups, researched, talked to people until I saw her photo, I was at a clinic in Niterói and went to pick her up right away. I could never imagine how, in reality, I would end up being rescued. Staying alone at home, away from family and boyfriend, in a moment as crazy as this, would have been torture without this little angel. She is my joy, everyday company and the sweetest, funniest and most loving partner in life! ”.

Pippa was lucky with her new family. (Photo: personal archive)

In fact, the year 2021 started to be happier, lighter because of these new members so special and that fill the house with affection and hair! And Family Day, celebrated on February 15, makes more sense than ever. After all, having a pet, whatever the type – bird, turtle, hamster, cat, fish, dog -, means having more love and joy, the main additives to live a better quality of life. Every home with a “furry” becomes a home.

Everything changes in the life of a person who decides to have a new friend, man’s best friend, as the old saying goes. Life takes on more meaning, literally. New friendships arise due to tours that become daily and mandatory. I say from my own experience because I have met a lot of nice people since I adopted Bobby Ray, a “cockapoo” who lived on the streets of Copacabana. Your space is no longer yours alone, it has a new owner, even with all the rules you impose. His clothes are always furry, the house is no longer intact as before, but the intention is exactly that, to fill the house with life!

Eight-month-old Diva won a family just for her. (Photo: personal archive)

Fathers and mothers could no longer plead lack of time as an excuse for their children who dreamed of having a pet. In fact, it was the solution and the best decision for many families, as in the case of the couple Cristiano Junqueira and Betina Cupello, who decided it was time to adopt a dog for their eight and 11 year old children. “Children always loved dogs, they always wanted to. My wife and I were in favor of the idea, but we wanted it to go further, with them older to take on some responsibilities and take care of the dog together. But, with the pandemic, they were isolated inside the house, without school, without meeting their friends, even because of their mental health, we thought it was time to bring a dog inside the house. We looked on the Adote Rio website, we didn’t want to buy with so many who need care and affection. We all like it among many others that we saw there ”.

Eight-month-old Diva changed the routine of the home and family in some ways. “Because of it, we cannot spend the whole day out or travel on weekends, as we used to do before. Eventually, when we go to a friend’s house and we can’t take her, we have to organize someone to stay with her in our absence. But it was totally worth it to have brought her home, she is very affectionate, the children love it and everything was wonderful. ” – Cristiano said during one of the four tours he takes with Diva every day.