Banff National Park, Lake Louise and the Canadian style of rock wonders

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World Heritage recognized by UNESCO since 1984, Canada’s first national park is the country’s number one tourist destination, attracting more than 4.5 million visitors a year. Located west of Edmonton on a 480km set at the junction with Jasper, Yoho and several other smaller natural complexes that make up the Rocky Mountains Parks World Heritage Site – one of the largest protected areas on the planet (together, Alberta’s three parks receive more than 7 million tourists annually) – Banff is beautiful scenery from $ 6 per person, and also territory of adventurers who practice sports such as mountaineering, trekking, golf, skiing (alpine and Nordic), in addition to countless others leisure and relaxation options in hot springs. A true paradise in the mountains!

Incorporado como um pequeno trecho de 26km2 e hoje um colosso de 6.641km2, a história do Parque Nacional de Banff começou com a construção da primeira ferrovia transcontinental do Canadá através da Canadian Pacific Railway, que inaugurou o trajeto originalmente construído entre o leste do país e a Colúmbia Britânica (British Columbia) após esta se tornar a sexta província canadense em 1870. As obras da  via férrea foram compreendidas entre os anos de 1881 e 1885, atendendo a uma promessa feita ao novo distrito, que exigiu a construção de uma estrada de ferro que conectasse a isolada região com o resto da pátria, como uma das alternativas para entrar na Confederação do Canadá.

Incorporated as a small stretch of 26km2 and today a colossus of 6,641km2, the history of Banff National Park began with the construction of Canada’s first transcontinental railroad through the Canadian Pacific Railway, which inaugurated the route originally built between the east of the country and British Columbia (British Columbia) after it became the sixth Canadian province in 1870. The railroad works were understood between the years 1881 and 1885, in response to a promise made to the new district, which required the construction of a road iron that connected the isolated region with the rest of the country, as one of the alternatives to enter the Confederation of Canada.

Whether for nature lovers on a camper’s budget or those who love life in a luxurious way, Banff – – offers a choice of accommodation, restaurants, designer shops and activities to make your trip unforgettable. The reason is the phenomenal beauty of the park: imposing rivers and waterfalls, canyons, exorbitant mountains and high meadows, glaciers and icy lakes more like portals to access another world. The scenery is composed of black bears, reindeer, elk, sheep, deer and other wild animals that parade at will around the place. A wonder for photography lovers!

Among the most exciting attractions in Banff, the famous Lake Louise (Lake Louise), surrounded by immense mountains that are reflected in its extraordinary jade green waters, the result of the rainy deposits of the glaciers of the place, rich in minerals. Territory of the stunning 4-star resort Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise –, which with 548 rooms preserves the Edwardian style and captures the attention of guests in a cosmopolitan cultural atmosphere reminiscent of the European Belle Époque history in the late 19th century modernized form, from the various facilities, restaurant and recreations offered. In low season the resort offers bookings starting at $ 177, and in the hottest periods of the year the daily rate is around $ 360. The tip is to register on some of the numerous collective shopping sites in the province of Alberta and hope for the luck of getting a promotion at the hotel.

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