Bringing Brazil and Canada together through arts and crafts on the prairies

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Vania Halldorson talks about her online shopping The Lost Lobos Compay

I immigrated to Canada in 2002 and, together with my Canadian husband, we started an online shopping business, The Lost Lobos Company. Through our online company, we sell eco/organic products primarily from Brazil, but recently, we have also started offering holistic services such as Essential Oil Therapy, Access Bars, and Alchemist Online Tarot.

Over the years, we have lived in several cities in Manitoba and participated in many fairs in the region selling Brazilian products. When I lived in the city of Flin Flon, I was the only Brazilian-Canadian in the area and, slowly, people were able to get to know our Brazilian products through advertisements on the radio and participation in local fairs.

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Authentic Brazilian craft sold at the online store The Lost Lobo.

Later, we have lived in Killarney, a small farming community where we have actively participated in several summer fairs in the region: Boissevain Farmers Market, Boissevain Farmers Market Killarney, Full Moon Festival, etc… Also, during winter times, fairs such as the Brandon Westman Multicultural Festival and from Christmas. Once again, I was the only Canadian-Brazilian resident in the city. An interesting fact was that several students exchange programs in Brazil, who passed through the city, bought our products to give to Canadian host families.

Later, we moved to Winnipeg and also attended many trade fairs and Christmas fairs. Winnipeg is a larger city with a population of approximately 800,000 people. Several Brazilians (from 3,000 to 4,000) reside in the city and there are many Brazilian venues and events, such as the Brazilian Pavilion at Annual Summer Folklorama, a barbecue restaurant “Carnaval – Brazilian BBQ” and the Brazilian Market Delivery Food. In the music scene, there is a well-known Brazilian-Canadian, Marco Castillo and the newest samba and bossa nova duo, “Sarau Carioca”.

Currently, the Brazilian community has expanded and created the Brazilian Association of Winnipeg – BRASIW . It is an association to promote interaction and support for Brazilians living in Winnipeg and the region, with three main areas of action: support for newcomers, social and solidarity action, and civics and patriotism.