Ligia Carvalho lauches a new children’s book

Literatura infantil

With a background in Marketing and Social Communication, Lígia Carvalho is a Brazilian-Canadian author with a passion for books, cooking, and travel. Born and raised in the interior of São Paulo, she is married, has three children, and has lived in Canada for 10 years. Since he lived in Brazil, his dream was to write children’s books.

Finally, two years ago, Lígia Carvalho launched her first work: “Max Loves Cupcakes ”that highlights how important it is to spend time quality with children and interact with the little ones in the kitchen. Max is a boy who likes to accompany his parents and, with them, prepare delicious cupcakes. The book covers kitchen safety and also brings a recipe for small readers.

At the end of last year, Lígia Carvalho released her second book: “Grandma is a Star”. According to the author, “with a very little theme explored by the children’s literary universe, the book addresses the loss of grandma in a light way, but tries to make the children do not forget the good memories created ”. On the other hand, the book aims to contribute to parents in addressing a subject that, perhaps, it had not yet been discussed with the children. Talk to a child about death can be challenging. Although its author leaves course it is not a scientific work, the book has the purpose of help parents in this difficult task. In the last pages, there is a space where the child can express his feelings.

At the moment, Lígia Carvalho is promoting the dissemination of her two books and participating in literary fairs in Canada and the United States. But he confesses that he already has several projects for the future. His books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel.

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