Get ready to sell your property

In big cities like Toronto, where the price of real estate continues to rise, you need to prepare in order to put your property up for sale. If you want to sell quickly and for a good price, it’s important to clean the house as best as possible. Below are some efficient tips on how to improve the property’s appearance:

1) Clean. Keep your house “shining” during visits. A buyer’s first impression plays an important role in the sale of the property. A house with a pleasant, clean scent is a super efficient way to obtain a buyer.

2) Pay attention to small details. Fix broken things around the house, especially what is visible, such as scratched paint, a broken wardrobe door, etc.

3) Remove personal items. The future buyer needs to focus on the property and not on your photos or your belongings. It is important that the future buyer is able to imagine living in your home, so put away family photos, religious objects, etc.

4) Paint the house in neutral colours, so there is no risk of displeasing the future buyer. Neutral and light colours leave the house looking younger and brighter. By the way, you can never have too much light! Open all blinds and let the natural sunlight in.

5) Furniture and accessories. Arrange the furniture in the best way possible. For example: the living room furniture should be positioned to create an environment where people can talk. Small accessories are great for improving the overall appearance of the home without adding much cost, such as new bed linens and bathroom towels.

6) Halls. A congested hall can determine the time that the future buyer stays inside your home. Do not leave shoes in the way, or other objects scattered about.

7) Kitchen. The kitchen should always be clean, with no garbage and the refrigerator should be empty. There should never be any dirty dishes! A clean and solid sink is a great way to keep the future buyer interested in viewing more details of your home.

The rules and regulations around the purchase and sale of home are changing constantly. Remember to consult a qualified professional to help you through this process.

* Amanda Hayashi (PhD) is a real estate agent at Sutton Group Old Mill Realty Inc. Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated. Find more information at site or email: [email protected][/dropshadowbox]