Japanese-Brazilian sushi in Toronto. A fusion of three cultures

With the largest Japanese community outside of Japan, Brazil is a country where the traditions and influences of Japanese culture have found fertile soil to thrive. The country inherited from the Japanese a cultural richness that goes beyond geographic borders, and one of the most appreciated aspects of this heritage is, without a doubt, the cuisine of sushi.

Going further, when we look for the Japanese-Brazilian culinary culture in the Canadian scenario, we are faced with an authentic and, for many, challenging gastronomic experience. This is the case of the Japanese-Brazilian restaurant Atlântico Sushi, localizado 1154 St. Clair Ave W., Toronto, which offers a combination of these two incredible culinary traditions.

For many Brazilians – and Canadians – sushi has become an inseparable part of their lives, and this Japanese-Brazilian gastronomic preference combines the best of such different cultures. Atlântico Sushi respects Japanese tradition, while adding a Brazilian touch to the mix, within a Canadian environment. The result is a unique experience that does justice to Canada’s multicultural richness. There, sushi is a sensory tour and a delight of flavors, even more so for those who opt for the “all you can eat” service.

Founded with the mission of celebrating this rich heritage and offering a unique gastronomic taste, Atlântico Sushi stands out as a true ambassador of Japanese-Brazilian cuisine.

Atlântico Sushi Restaurant
1154 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1B3
Website: (416) 558-4002
Website: atlanticosushi.com