E1: From Research Biologist to online English Teacher

Interview with Vânia Halldorson, Kamloops, BC. This episode is part of a podcast series that showcases real-life stories of people who have successfully reinvented themselves through their careers. People who have overcome adversity, found new purpose, followed their passion, and explored new horizons.

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From Research Biologist to English teacher
Synopsis of Episode 1

How did Vânia, a Research Biologist, find a way to thrive as an ESL Teacher?

Vânia Halldorson, Kamloops, BC

Vânia Halldorson, Kamloops, BC, worked for many years as a Research Biologist in remote areas of Brazil. But her Master’s and Doctoral degrees did not guarantee her a career that would fit her lifestyle in Canada. Always on the move, within Canada and the US, she decided to invest in a career that would allow her to work remotely. Seeking government support paid off.

Starting life as a new immigrant in Canada is not easy. The good news is that Service Canada offers a great deal of support to newcomers. It’s a matter of digging in and finding the best sources for you.

  • When arriving in a new city, seek out a support system that includes free government-run resources and social programs. Service Canada does far more than renew Driver’s Licences. Search for the offices close to your home. Some services may not be available at all locations.
  • Vânia Halldorson is also an entrepreneur. Check her online store: The Lost Lobos. Her company sells a fairly wide variety of imports from South America & Asia. She frequently travels to these regions, especially to remote areas, to search for new innovative merchandise, which might just catch your eye.

Podcast: Reinventing Ourselves – Career Journeys in Canada
This podcast series showcases real-life stories of people who have successfully reinvented themselves through their careers. People who have found new purpose, overcome adversity, followed their passion, and explored new horizons. Read more about this series

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Wave Podcast Series:
Career journeys in Canada. Reinventing ourselves.
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