Message from the Mayor of Montreal, Ms. Valérie Plante

Brazilian Wave magazine provides a showcase for the vitality of the Brazilian Diaspora. This publication and its portal are a platform for expression that enables us to discover this magnificent culture, its broad citizen engagement, and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives all these people.

It solidifies ties, much like Montréal does, enhancing our image as a city that is open to the world, one that promotes unity. A vast Brazilian community calls our metropolis home, contributing to our society at every level.

Montréal is also a city where women, men and our younger generations, along with citizens from diverse cultural backgrounds converge towards an innovative and promising professional renewal, one that favors partnerships between the fields of academics, research, and business.

Foreign students have ranked Montréal first in the world for the strength of its higher education and for its exceptional quality of life. Here, the digital shift has earned us international recognition as a smart city, and a city of startups. Economic growth is at the very core of this ecosystem where networking rhymes with creativity, synergy, and possibilities.

It is in this context that I encourage you to come to visit us, first as tourists, but who knows, maybe as future Montrealers too.

Spring has settled in our city, and with it come festivals with their plethora of talents from the inclusive Montréal community that we are so proud of.
Welcome to Montréal!