EXCLUSIVE TO SUBSCRIBERS – The Brazilian political knot of 2018

Rogério Silva is director of journalism for TV Paranaíba affiliated to Record TV in Minas Gerais and Educadora FM. He also teaches journalism at the Escola Superior de Administração, Marketing e Comunicação (School of Higher Education in Administration, Marketing and Communication) - ESAMC.

The political knot of 2018
The Brazilian political knot of 2018

Are you curious about politics in Brazil in 2018?

There have been direct presidential elections in Brazil since the New Republic started back in 1989. Almost 30 years have gone by with seven elections. Almost all were decided in 2 rounds, and the Workers Party (PT) was represented by Lula or Dilma. Lula is the image of the PT, the symbol, the brand. It is impossible to disassociate them. Dilma was his creation, carved in the image of a technical and managerial type person, a firm woman, intolerant of things that are wrong. However, the two portraits of the PT have suffered deep scratches that removed them from the political pages and took them to less noble ones. And because of this, we will have the first Brazilian presidential elections without the combative presence of the left. But, what results are we to expect?

The wave of the conservative right knocks on the doors of the green-yellow Nation with enthusiasm and causes us concern. Public opinion flirts with the possibility of the retired military man in the presidency, a man whose discourse lacks ideas. The most staggering proposes the idea of arming the nation. Bolsonaro preaches the right of every Brazilian to have a weapon in his hand to defend himself from robbers. He doesn’t go into much detail as to how that would work and will not take part in the debate about the American tragedies of shooters invading schools, movie theaters, and rock concerts.

From Luciano Huck to Fernando Collor

At the same time, arose the aspiration of the television presenter Luciano Huck, who carries out all manner of welfare actions in his program. As if Brazil were a massive old clapped out car, like those he restores in his show, Huck would create a reality show of transformation in our lives and everything would be joyful after four years. The miracle solution died before it was born.

Businessmen would like to see a representative of their sector in charge of the Republic, but Amoedo’s “Novo” has around only 1% of voting intentions. There seems to be no maturity yet for such a risky move. The market, ahhh the market … The market dreams about Henrique Meireles and his economic liberalism.

Moreover, on the political chessboard, there are the usual players: Marina Silva with her discourse about forests and people of the jungle. Geraldo Alckmin, called the Saint – is in trouble due to the Odebrecht lists. Ciro Gomes, not at all kind with people and words.

The electoral uncertainty for Brazil is so great in 2018 that it even created an opening for former president Fernando Collor – yes, the one and the same, who was impeached in ’92. He “unpretentiously” decided to put his name in the running. As if the chaos we are already in were not enough, and then this!

There are no favorites and what may emerge from the polls is uncertain. A danger to the country that needs stability and a strengthening of its institutions. Who is going to untie this knot?