5 Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro

If you are going to travel to Brazil, a good tip is checking the videos that have been posted at Wolters World lately like “Visit Rio – 5 Tips for Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”.

Actually, they’ve been all over the world and their videos are always helpful. Check them out!

Heading to Rio? Here are 5 quick tips to help you have a better time when you visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1. Use your front desk. Not a lot of English is spoken in Rio and guidebooks don’t always keep up with what is good and bad in the city so make sure you use your front desk.
2. The Weather is great all year round.
3. Use the cheap taxis to get around town.
4. Be safe. Always pay attention when out in Rio. Don’t wear fancy clothes or jewelry.
5. Go enjoy the city, whether it is going to see the big Jesus (Christ the Redeemer) or Sugarloaf or hitting the beaches Rio has a ton to do so don’t get stuck.

By Wolters World