Continuing studies in Toronto

Some sites that may help you find these courses at the main universities (colleges) in the city.

By Tamires Gomes

After some months studying at the ESL School, you, already tired of the classes, need a challenge to perfect your English and there is no better way than to look at the websites of Canadian universities and colleges and look for something they call Continuing Studies.

Universities and colleges in Toronto offer a wide variety of courses that cover many different areas, including art and design, communication and languages, administration, health, aesthetics and cosmetology, technology, commerce and even engineering. Some courses are online, which can be useful if you live far from the campus or have a tight schedule.

These courses also vary in length; some are up to a year long and require pre-requisites and some last a week or up to four months. The prices are reasonable if you take into consideration the cost-benefit factor. To have the opportunity to take a course in your area of study, for around CAD$300 is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

These courses are a great way to meet new people and enlarge your network if your focus is to get a job in your field, and studying always has its benefits.

My tip is to visit the sites to find the best option for you. Below are some sites that may help you find these courses at the main universities (colleges) in Toronto.


This college does not have a wide variety of free courses but what makes this different are the day workshops inside the business field. These workshops last about three hours and cost around CAD$25. This is a good opportunity for those who want to add to their résumé but do not have the time or a large budget.  –

George Brown

The prices are reasonable and courses are offered in almost all areas. Geared towards those who want to acquire a more commercial and practical skill set. There are courses that range anywhere from design to welding, and costume jewellery design to dental courses. You will definitely find something in your area that fits your budget. –


This university offers a wide variety of specific courses, but availability is limited, this is why it is good to register well in advance. Geared towards those who want a specific outlook in their field of choice. –


This university has courses geared towards arts, design, photography and architecture. If you are looking for courses that are specialized and have a high artistic quality this is the place for you. Prices are around CAD$450, a little steep but worth it for those who are looking for a certificate with quality and prestige. Good for those who are looking for painting courses, and besides, many of the courses are on the weekend, which will be good for those who work during the week. –


This university does not have a wide range of courses. The courses are restricted to personal and professional development, ideal for those who are in the work market or looking for a position to develop abilities required in day-to-day jobs of large corporations. –

U of T

Offers a wide variety of specific courses focused on apprenticeships, creation, discoveries and utilizations, but this has a price, and these courses are expensive. Because this is an academic university, it has a large catalogue of courses geared towards administration, business and professional studies, which will be interesting for administration students and also has different courses in the areas of art and general culture, which are fundamental for world knowledge. –


This one also has a wide variety of courses, but most of their courses are online, which is a solution for some people and a problem for others. It is good to see which is best for you.–


Has courses in the area of sustainability and offers one day workshops.  This one also has in-class or online courses, the in-class prices are very reasonable. –