Wave 82 – Read in this issue

Summer is arriving and with it, thousands of young people and professionals from Brazil are heading to Canada for the most desirable courses in English and French, International High School Diplomas, Specialized Degrees (master and doctorate) and for cultural exchange.

In this edition, we focused on the west region of Canada. We were honoured with the welcome letters from Kennedy Stewart, Mayor of Vancouver, and Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary, where there has been a significant increase in the flow of Brazilian students and professionals in recent years.

In her interview with Arthur Vianna, Brazilian Maestro Danielle Lisboa of Edmonton, Alberta, discusses her experience in the city. In addition to working as an Assistant Professor at Concordia University, she also directs two orchestras: the Concordia Symphony Orchestra and the Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Other topics covered are various aspects of interest to Brazilians in the provinces of British Columbia-BC and Alberta-AB: On the Way to the Land of the Maple, by Lucia Longo; The Brazilian Cultural Society of Edmonton by Juliana Durso; Brazilian Associations and Local English Schools, list compiled by Regina Filippov; Welcome to Canada and Distinguished Services Offered to Immigrants, both articles covered by Arthur Vianna.

Tourism? Rosemary Baptista provides us with great travel tips to help explore British Columbia and Alberta.

In a more general context, we have Sidney Melo’s documentary “Persist to Exist” which shows how the art of Capoeira helped people living against all odds.
We are making a special tribute in this edition, of course to Portugal Day. To accompany and complement this Portuguese celebration, Teresa Botelho shares the story and traditional recipe of the world-renowned Arroz de Braga.

Be sure to take a look at the Marketplace Section. We are always updating the list of professionals and services that “speak Portuguese”. Support the Brazilian community! And, keep your eyes out for the green-yell